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Jun 03 13:17

Quick mentioning from fans of CS Rush

“We in the content team over at the poker online reviewer always get online for some CS matches between reviewing poker and we would just like to send our thanks to the crew behind CS rush for providing this great resource”.

Thanks to PokerListings and all fans of CS Rush!

Aug 05 20:55

Ruination - CS Frag Movie

This is an interesting compilation of some pretty decent fights. The description from the author:

This is a compilation of some of the best CS killing sprees I could find, coupled with some unique effects as far as Counter-Strike movies go. The video includes a variety of CS players from all over the world, each with a playerbar showing their information. 

Note: The Intro is a bit longer, you may want to skip to 1:30s.

Mar 14 23:28

CS:S Pro Gaming - Sniper Hunt

A lot of people say that sniping is easy. It might be easy to camp and fish for a lost player, but hunting down opponents and shooting people in mid-air is a completely different game that requires serious skill and pays off famously.

This is a video that starts off from the point of view of one of those sniper players that everybody hates because they shoot you down a lot faster than you can react to their attack. Check it out.

Jan 22 15:33

Brazil bans sales of Counter Strike

Following a court ruling from October of 2007, Brazil has recently began enforcing a sales ban on Counter Strike and Everquest under the claim that these games are harmful to consumers' health and encourage the subversion of public order.

Jan 16 17:16

Ebook: The Art of Counter-Strike

TAO-CS is a 200-pages CS e-book by Ron "Rambo" Kim and Ognian "steel" Gueorguiev, two accomplished Counter Strike professionals. It's offered as a comprehensive guide with an accent on competitive play and also includes over 50 minutes of video footage.

Jan 07 10:52

Microsoft Releases Technology to allow a CS Match with 1000 Players

Microsoft has been working on a project called DonnyBrook that will allow FPS (First Person Shooters) to support matches with hundreds and even thousands of players.

Currently games like Halo and Counter Strike have limitations close to 16 - 32 players because of bandwidth matters. Keeping the game smooth requires knowing what everybody in the map is doing and refreshing this information several times per second.

Jan 04 18:13

Flash Strike - A Flash Counter Strike Game

Flash Strike is a Flash game based on Counter Strike. In this game you are camping in well known maps and have to fend off hordes of enemies with your trusty M4 Rifle, the Desert Eagle as your side arm and a sniper rifle for tricky shots. Go through the maps and earn flashbangs. Great little game for those who need a quick fix of CS.

Jan 04 17:12

A McDonalds as Counter Strike

Funny video of a McDonalds restaurant being used as the setting for a Counter Strike parody of the popular map Italy.

Jan 04 17:07

Counter Strike 1.6 Cheat Codes

Here is a list of "cheat codes" for Counter Strike 1.6. Most of these are not really "cheats" in the true sense of the word but commands to change the preferences.

Dec 28 10:29

CS Damage Calculator

Here is a damage calculator application to help you explore the way different weapons produce different damage under diverse circumstances. You can test hits with or without armor and choose the distance as well. For more information on weapons visit our Counter Strike Weapons Guide.