Brazil bans sales of Counter Strike

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Following a court ruling from October of 2007, Brazil has recently began enforcing a sales ban on Counter Strike and Everquest under the claim that these games are harmful to consumers' health and encourage the subversion of public order.

I think its funny considering that some of the most laid back people I know I met through the CS servers - hardly revolution-driven extremists, more like normal people having 30 mins of fun after a day's work or even couch potatoes taking a break from watching TV.

However the judge makes a good point about the public order issue, we all know that as soon as a kid learns how to play the game he rushes to the local drug store to purchase an AK47 and then joins a local terrorist group planning, say, a bombing on the neighborhood 7-11.

Here is the AFP news report, and read more opinions from Tech-Ex, Joystiq, Gamertell and Realtechnews.

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What a joke. I mean, don't they have real crimes to worry about? This is BS.


nice blog, will come back soon to see what new

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