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This is a repost of a good article on walling I found here, written by

Ever been called a hacker? Good! That’s because you are good! And, because you know something they don’t. The number one thing you can do that will get you called a hacker, thus, win more…is walling.
There are a few levels of walling that will make you virtually invisible. Looking for feet and the ‘business’ ends of guns around corners is basic walling. If you can see an opponent’s foot, you know where his body is and you know what to do after that. If you are in the middle of a gunfight and your opponent runs around the corner, don’t try and follow him with bullets. Start shooting and aim in front of where he should be running, then aim for the upper body and keep firing until he’s dead. If just one bullet hits him, he will be stopped and the following bullets will finish him off. This way, no one can run from you (pat yourself on the back and start calling yourself Rambo.) Before you come around any corner, quickly fire 1 or 2 rounds at the edge of the corner. If an opponent is coming around the corner at the same time you are, a bullet will slow their momentum down and disorient them momentarily. This will give you just enough time to come around the corner at top speed for a quick kill.

Some players will do what is called noob walling. This comes in two forms. The first is standing up against a wall where opponents will commonly attack from, and simply unload clip after clip until they are killed (which they usually are because this is stupid for many reasons.) That is stupid because, if more than one opponent is coming around the wall, you cannot stop them all at the same time and two, you look really dumb. The second type of noob walling is firing in the general direction of you opponents the moment you are spawned to life. This also looks stupid and if you happen to land an accidental kill, you will not have earned it and your overall respect level will drop significantly.

If you are in a fight and find that you have the high ground on your opponent, use this to take a wall based headshot. The headshot will be relevantly easy because being that you have the upper angle on your opponent, you will be naturally inclined to do a headshot. You simply need to find your opponent. To do this, jump and move around until you locate your opponent. Once you find them, do one final jump to aim and when you land, fire through the wall and get the job done. Your opponent will never know what hit em.

The best weapon to wall with is a high caliber weapon. Anything with large ammo will do more damage coming through brick or wood or ice. I suggest walling with the AWP or Machine gun if possible. The other weapons may take 7 to 15 bullets to do a single kill with the wall slowing the bullets down.


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