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This is the first post on CS Rush. The whole point of this site is to share the full-blown awesomeness of Counter Strike with as many people as possible. In particular I'm hoping to help new players get started, regular players get better, and keep people informed with whatever is going on with the CS community.I have many things in store for us, can hardly wait to see it all running. This blog will be about interesting CS stuff, there will also be tutorials (and video tutorials), strategy guides, a weapons guide, maps, user-sent screenshots, a spray gallery, news, etc.Finally, I'm also hoping to setup some CS:S servers, mostly gun game (my favorite). Do you ever think "man, I wish I could have a server with just the maps I want?" Well, I've had that thought, and this site has been inspired in part by that idea. Enjoy the site and drop me a note!

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  • TAO-CS is a 200-pages CS e-book by Ron "Rambo" Kim and Ognian "steel" Gueorguiev, two accomplished Counter Strike professionals. It's offered as a comprehensive guide with an accent on competitive play and also includes over 50 minutes of video footage.

  • Following a court ruling from October of 2007, Brazil has recently began enforcing a sales ban on Counter Strike and Everquest under the claim that these games are harmful to consumers' health and encourage the subversion of public order.

  • Flash Strike is a Flash game based on Counter Strike. In this game you are camping in well known maps and have to fend off hordes of enemies with your trusty M4 Rifle, the Desert Eagle as your side arm and a sniper rifle for tricky shots. Go through the maps and earn flashbangs. Great little game for those who need a quick fix of CS.

  • Here is a list of "cheat codes" for Counter Strike 1.6. Most of these are not really "cheats" in the true sense of the word but commands to change the preferences.

  • Here is a damage calculator application to help you explore the way different weapons produce different damage under diverse circumstances. You can test hits with or without armor and choose the distance as well. For more information on weapons visit our Counter Strike Weapons Guide.