A McDonalds as Counter Strike

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Funny video of a McDonalds restaurant being used as the setting for a Counter Strike parody of the popular map Italy.




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  • This is an interesting compilation of some pretty decent fights. The description from the author:

    This is a compilation of some of the best CS killing sprees I could find, coupled with some unique effects as far as Counter-Strike movies go. The video includes a variety of CS players from all over the world, each with a playerbar showing their information. 

    Note: The Intro is a bit longer, you may want to skip to 1:30s.

  • Flash Strike is a Flash game based on Counter Strike. In this game you are camping in well known maps and have to fend off hordes of enemies with your trusty M4 Rifle, the Desert Eagle as your side arm and a sniper rifle for tricky shots. Go through the maps and earn flashbangs. Great little game for those who need a quick fix of CS.

  • Here is a good video tutorial on how to use your flashbangs effectively in Counter Strike Source. Highly recommended for people who have little experience with this type of nade.

  • This is a remake of the trailer for the movie 300 made using the Counter Strike graphics. Pretty cool and funny.

  • TAO-CS is a 200-pages CS e-book by Ron "Rambo" Kim and Ognian "steel" Gueorguiev, two accomplished Counter Strike professionals. It's offered as a comprehensive guide with an accent on competitive play and also includes over 50 minutes of video footage.