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Dec 15 10:43

A description of Counter Strike

I found a great description of the game Counter Strike in this article about Condition Zero, and I thought it is worth reposting:

Dec 14 13:43

Counter Strike among the top games of 2007

The Nielsen Company released its Top 10 lists for 2007, including the list for the top 10 games in the US. I'm happy to inform the CS made the list twice with regular Counter Strike in 6th position and Counter Strike: Source in the 10th position. They also note that the average CS player spends over 9 hours a week on the game.

Dec 14 13:33

On CS Walling

This is a repost of a good article on walling I found here, written by

Ever been called a hacker? Good! That’s because you are good! And, because you know something they don’t. The number one thing you can do that will get you called a hacker, thus, win more…is walling.

Dec 14 13:24

Competitive Maps Download and Overview is offering a map section where you can download the top competitive maps for CS 1.6 and Source used in leagues such as CAL and CEVO.

Dec 11 20:28

What happens after a good round?

Terroritst and Counter Terrorist having a drink after a round

After a good round of Counter Strike the players get together for a well deserved drink. Funny picture put together using Garry's Mod.

Larger file.

Dec 09 18:46

Tournament Video: LA Complexity at ISC 2006

La Complexity is the top pro Counter Strike team in North America. This video carries some highlights of their win at the ISC 2006 tournament.

Nov 30 17:12

Brilliant Frag Movie by MouseSports

This is a brilliantly edited Counter Strike frag movie by MouseSports. Good camera work and sountrack, and the action is pretty good too, check it out.

Nov 30 16:54

The Counter Strike 300 Trailer

This is a remake of the trailer for the movie 300 made using the Counter Strike graphics. Pretty cool and funny.

Nov 29 23:00

Flashbang Video Tutorial


Here is a good video tutorial on how to use your flashbangs effectively in Counter Strike Source. Highly recommended for people who have little experience with this type of nade.

Nov 29 04:07

Guide to Ak47 and Colt

Ak 47

This video tutorial is a guide to controlling the recoil of the 2 most important weapons in Counter Strike: the AK47 and the Colt. Although the video was produced using CZ (Condition Zero) and the spray pattern has been changed to be more realistic in CSS, the principles still apply and will help you figure out how to control your spray.