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Aug 05 20:55

Ruination - CS Frag Movie

This is an interesting compilation of some pretty decent fights. The description from the author:

This is a compilation of some of the best CS killing sprees I could find, coupled with some unique effects as far as Counter-Strike movies go. The video includes a variety of CS players from all over the world, each with a playerbar showing their information. 

Note: The Intro is a bit longer, you may want to skip to 1:30s.

Dec 09 18:46

Tournament Video: LA Complexity at ISC 2006

La Complexity is the top pro Counter Strike team in North America. This video carries some highlights of their win at the ISC 2006 tournament.

Nov 30 17:12

Brilliant Frag Movie by MouseSports

This is a brilliantly edited Counter Strike frag movie by MouseSports. Good camera work and sountrack, and the action is pretty good too, check it out.