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Dec 15 11:02

Long Jump Tutorial

Interesting video tutorial on how to jump as far as possible in Counter Strike. The technique requries some careful strafing in mid-air but the results are worth the effort. Check it out.

Nov 29 23:00

Flashbang Video Tutorial


Here is a good video tutorial on how to use your flashbangs effectively in Counter Strike Source. Highly recommended for people who have little experience with this type of nade.

Nov 29 04:07

Guide to Ak47 and Colt

Ak 47

This video tutorial is a guide to controlling the recoil of the 2 most important weapons in Counter Strike: the AK47 and the Colt. Although the video was produced using CZ (Condition Zero) and the spray pattern has been changed to be more realistic in CSS, the principles still apply and will help you figure out how to control your spray.