The Top 15 Teams Qualified Teams for the Halo World Championship North America Regional Finals

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The Top 15 Qualified Teams for the Halo World Championship North America Regional Finals
After six weeks of intense competition, the first 15 teams have officially qualified for the Halo World Championship Tour: Columbus. This three day North American Regional Final runs February 19-21 at the MLG Arena in Columbus, OH where the top 8 Teams will earn the right to compete at the Halo World Championship for a crowd-funded prize pool in excess of $2,000,000.
The winner of the Last Chance Qualifier on Saturday, February 6 will qualify as the 16th and final team in the Regional Finals. Register here

  1. Team Allegiance
  2. CLG
  3. Evil Geniuses
  4. Team Liquid
  5. Renegades
  6. Team EnVyUs
  7. Noble eSports
  8. Dream Team
  9. Triggers Pound
  10. eLevateWildcat
  11. Denial eSports
  12. SoaR
  13.  Severance
  14. Winterfox
  15. OverDrive
  16. LCQ Winner (February 6)

Full Team Rosters can be found here

Group A

  • Team Allegiance
  • Dream Team
  • Triggers Pound
  • LCQ Winner (February 6)

Group B

  • CLG
  • Noble eSports
  • eLevateWildcat
  • OverDrive

Group C

  • Evil Geniuses
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Denial eSports
  • Winterfox

Group D

  • Team Liquid
  • Renegades
  • SoaR
  • Severance

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