Tune in to the GTA Online Last Team Standing Event Live Stream Friday, October 3rd at 4pm ET

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Tune in to MLG.tv: The GTA Online Last Team Standing Event Live Stream
Broadcast LIVE from the MLG Studios on Friday, October 3 from 4-6pm ET on mlg.tv/rockstargames
Attention GTA fans: Major League Gaming and Rockstar Games are celebrating the release of The Last Team Standing Update for Grand Theft Auto Online with a live stream airing live on mlg.tv this Friday, October 3 from 4-6pm ET. Tune in to mlg.tv/rockstargames as MLG’s Chris Puckett and Rockstar’s own Lazlow host this exclusive event live from the MLG Studios in NYC.                   
During the two-hour broadcast, watch The Sidemen (Vikkstar123, KSI, Zerkaa and Miniminter) vs Mae And The Boys (Lui Calibre, Daithi De Nogla, Miniladd and MissesMae) as they go head to head in all-new Last Team Standing Jobs in GTA Online. Players only have one life per round, so every kill matters!
For more information on The Last Team Standing Update to GTA Online visit: www.rockstargames.com/newswire.

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