9x19mm Sidearm (glock)

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9x19mm Sidearm - Glock
Real Name: 
Glock 18
Game Code: 
9mm Parabellum
Country of Origen: 
Clip Capacity: 
20 rounds
Max Ammo: 
120 rounds
Projectile Weight: 
8 grams
Muzzle Velocity: 
1232 feet/second
Muzzle Energy: 
475 joules

The Glock is the Terrorist initial weapon in normal gameplay and the first weapon in the Gun Game mod. It is by all means a terribly weak weapon, but as anything else in Counter Strike, it can yield good results in expert hands. You will see this weapon in your hands often, so you must become an expert with it.

20 bullets in the clip, 120 max, and a reasonable fire rate. This means you can deliver quite a few bullets (if nobody gets to you first); however, if you need 120 bullets to get your point across chances are you won't live past the first clip.
The first 2 shots of a manual burst are pretty damn accurate even at long ranges; however the damage it causes to the body rivals that of firing cotton balls.
It has a secondary burst mode which can deliver 3 bullets per shot, however these are highly inaccurate at anything but close range (see graphic below).
When fired as a mad spray it manages to stay severely more accurate than other pistols; however the damage it can cause to the body is so low you may well need to deliver the entire clip and then some (think 9 health per shot, and those are the bullets that actually land on the target).
A single shot to the head will not take down your opponent. You need at least two shots to kill with this weapon, and if you are too far even 3 headshots may not cut it.

In the Firing Range
Below are some examples of the kind of behavior we can expect from the Glock. I am favorably impressed by its ability to stay on target, and its lack of upwards recoil.

The shots were fired from a mid-to-long range distance, straight to the head:
The shooting range

Glock fire behavior under test

As the pictures tell, when shot manually the Glock can perform pretty well. We can see that when standing still and shooting single, slow shots (about 1 sec in between), we can count on those headshots landing. The second picture is the result of delivering 2-shot bursts manually, with about a second in between. I can comfortably say those are as accurate as the single shots, and can be easily delivered at twice the speed.

The secondary fire mode is not as impressive from this distance – out of 20 bullets fired, only 1 seem to have landed (and did so on the body), which means you are dead if the opponent carries anything other than a rock (or another Glock on burst mode). A 20-bullet spray left a mess, but one of the best messes you will get from firing any weapon like that. The manual 20-bullet spray landed several times; including 2 shots to the head (this target has been dropped).
Glock shots using auto burst fire and manual spray

What happens when rushing a target? To test for the weapon’s accuracy while moving, I am running towards the target while shooting at it, and come to a stop about 10 feet away from the target. I have tested the weapon using 3 styles: full spray (manually deliver bullets at a fast pace), 2-shot manual bursts (2 fast shots then wait a quick moment to ease the recoil before then next batch), and auto burst mode (3 bullets delivered in every shot using the Glock’s secondary mode).
The Glock performs pretty well when shot in all three styles. Although the more meticulous 2-shot manual bursts are clearly the best bang for your buck (landing the majority of the shots on target), full spray and auto burst mode can guarantee a kill if you can do your part and sustain the aim.
Glock behavior when rushing a target
Glock behavoir when rushing a target

The Glock suffers from lack of power but it makes up for it with accuracy. Aim for the head (and keep that aim) whenever possible, hopefully 2-shot manual bursts. If you must spray, do so manually unless you can count on a close range. You are also probably better off rushing your target while keeping that aim steady on your target’s head.
Whatever you do, it doesn’t pay to panic with this weapon.  If you fire while panicking you won’t land enough bullets, which means you are gone. You’d be much better off taking a second to figure out your aim (or your escape route).
The Glock takes a while to master, but once you do you may find yourself choosing it over other pistols, especially if you are playing the T side and running short on cash.

In Practice
Here is an example of real Glock mastery. Although I can't claim to be able to shoot like that, I'll be posting some of my own highlights in a future video - for now enjoy and study this clip.


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