KM .45 Tactical (usp)

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USP - KM .45 Tactical
Real Name: 
H&K USP .45 Tactical
Game Code: 
.45 ACP
Country of Origen: 
Clip Capacity: 
12 rounds
Max Ammo: 
48 rounds
Projectile Weight: 
15.2 grams
Muzzle Velocity: 
886 feet/second
Muzzle Energy: 
553 joules

The Usp is the Counter Terrorist starting weapon. This pistol's bullets cause much more damage than it's Terrorist counterpart, and it carries a silencer for stealthy maneuvers. In general terms it is easy to handle and very competent in the line of duty. It may not be everybody's favorite pistol, but most CTs will be happy to get it for free.

Firing bullets almost twice as heavy as those from the Glock, one must wonder if the Usp gives CTs an unfair advantage. However, when considering the Usp's upwards recoil (lacking in the Glock) and a limited clip size (12 bullets vs the Glock's 20), one may say that these two pistols are evenly matched.
As opposed to the Glock, the Usp can deliver a deadly headshot from a fair distance (mid to low range). It is also pretty accurate if you can stick to short bursts.

In the Firing Range
Here are some examples of the kind of behavior we can expect from the Usp. I like its accuracy when used is short bursts, and even when fired as a mad spray it delivers bullets in a very usable pattern.
The shots in theses tests were fired from a mid-to-long range distance, aiming straight for the head. See the Glock page for a picture of the firing range distance.
USP performance in the firing range
When firing single shots with a moment in between (to counter recoil), we can see that this weapon delivers the load with keen accuracy. The spray is a different story, but it is to be expected of mostly every weapon; however, it tends to deliver the spray in a consistent, usable pattern that can be taken into account (such as aiming for the waist band after the 3rd shot in a spray).

To test precision under movement I am running towards the target while firing the weapon and then come to a full stop at about 10 feet from the target.
The Usp handles itself very well when shot using 2-shot bursts, delivering its load just as if I had been standing still. As you can see in the picture, when using the 2-shot bursts the pistol was able to land 5 out of 7 headshots – this target was probably out with the first burst.
Usp behavior when shot while rushing
The spray rush wasn't as successful. Of 11 shots fired only 1 landed (on the chest), which means the entire run was useless and I am most probably out before I get a chance to reload. The Glock performs better under this circumstances; however, the spray pattern is still predictable enough that adjustments can be made while firing to guarantee a better success rate.


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